The Best Commercial Weed Eaters

best commercial weed eater

The two-cycle and four-cycle engines of a weed eater differ in the power and size of the cutting swath. A two-cycle weed eater does not require motor oil. A four-cycle model will be much larger and may weigh more, but will likely provide more power. Sweep length is also an important factor, as it determines how much grass gets cut in a single pass. Most straight shaft models have a cutting swath of 20 to 24 inches. The longer the cutting swath, the more grass will be cut.


The GREENWORKS GST80320 commercial-grade weed eater is an excellent option for those who require a high-performance weed cutter. With a powerful gas engine that produces up to 1,5HP, it is ideal for tackling thick weeds, dead wood, and bushes. In addition, the cordless feature enables you to use the weed eater for bagging and mulching. This tool is also equipped with a side-discharging feature and smart cut sensing system. You can easily cover a wide area with this weed eater, as it has a 21-inch cutting width.

Despite its compact size, the GST80320 is capable of tackling a wide range of weeds, even those in small areas. The GST80320’s multi-too design lets it change from a traditional trimmer to an edger, cultivator, and pole saw. Its powerful engine, coupled with the ability to adjust for different ground conditions, makes this weed eater a great choice for the professional and the DIY user alike.

Makita LXT 26V Battery String Trimmer

This commercial weed eater has many advantages over gas powered string trimmers. The Makita LXT 26V Battery String Trimmer is powerful and durable, yet produces very little noise. It has a low vibration level and can be used at low and medium speeds. It is lightweight and has an 8.5-pound weight. It also has a head guard, which makes it a good choice for professional users.

Cordless electric string trimmers offer several advantages over gas-powered models, such as portability and low-cost operation. Battery-powered trimmers are also quieter, easier to start, and cost less to maintain. These weed eaters are also compatible with lithium-ion batteries and can run for an entire day without recharging. This also means they can be easily interchanged with other tools from the same brand.

The Makita LXT 36V Battery String Trimmer operates on two 18V batteries and has three speeds. At the highest speed, it produces 5805 RPMs, equal to the output of a gas-powered 30cc engine. It accepts trimmer lines up to 0.105 inches in diameter. Compared to other battery-powered string trimmers, the Makita LXT 36V Battery String Trimmer is a much better choice for commercial users.

The Makita LXT 26V Battery is one of the best commercial string trimmers on the market. It has a very long battery life, which is a great feature when you’re working in a big yard. A Makita LXT 26V Battery String Trimmer offers exceptional performance and high-quality materials. This model is also worth the price difference if you’re looking for something more durable and reliable.

Husqvarna 324L Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

The Husqvarna 324L Cutting Path gas string trimmer is one of the best commercial weed eaters on the market. Its powerful 2-stroke engine runs on unleaded gas and doesn’t require fuel mixing. It also has additional line release and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The price tag may deter some people, but if you’re planning on using it for commercial purposes, this trimmer is worth every penny.

The cutting path of this gas-powered model is about 14 inches wide. Because of this, it can cut thick weeds, but it’s not as powerful as the top pick. It also has a shorter cutting path than the Husqvarna 324L. It’s quieter than the Husqvarna 324L, but it runs a little rougher. It doesn’t burn through a full tank very quickly, which is an important consideration for a commercial weed eater.

The Husqvarna 324L cutting path gas string trimmer is a great choice for landscapers and landowners. It features a heavy-duty bevel-gear trimmer head, air purge, and a powerful 4-cycle engine. It is also lightweight and easy to transport, making it an excellent choice for the commercial user. If you’re looking for the best commercial weed eater, check out the Husqvarna 324L.

Although the Husqvarna HT3000 is a great option, it lacks some important qualities. First of all, it takes a while to warm up. The trimmer head is slow to start, and you have to be patient when it’s hot. Second, the trimmer head isn’t as powerful as other gas models, and it’s not as easy to handle, so make sure to take your time and practice with it first.

The Husqvarna 324L Cutting Path gas string trimmer is one of the best commercial weed eaters available. Its 18-inch cutting path makes it an excellent choice for landscaping, and its clear fuel reservoir lets you easily monitor the amount of fuel remaining. Moreover, the weed eater’s head is removable, so you can replace it anytime you need to.


A good weed eater should be versatile enough to perform a variety of tasks. The tanaka commercial weed eater is one such tool. Unlike the traditional nylon cutting line, this weed eater is made of durable fabric. It features a stylish design and is washable. This weed eater is a great choice for removing tanaka weed from engines and other hard-to-reach areas. If you’re looking for a weed eater for a commercial setting, this may be the right choice for you.

Another commercial weed eater from Tanaka is the TCG27EBSP. This weed eater features a 25-cc engine and a 60-inch straight shaft. Its lightweight design and padded handle bars make it very comfortable to use. It also has an adjustable handle that can be folded against the center tube for easy maneuverability. The weed eater also features a built-in anti-vibration steel shaft.

Besides having an excellent bump head, the Tanaka weed eater also has several other useful features that make it convenient to use. Its tool-free spindle lock is another great feature. Another great feature is the push-to-release clip for opening the bump assembly housing. It also has attention-to-detail, such as the steel plate below the fuel tank. Overall, it’s hard to find a better weed eater at this price point.

A commercial weed eater should be able to handle heavier jobs. It should be able to tackle thicker weeds, but it must be durable. Also, the cutting path on commercial weed eaters is wider than on residential models. In addition to being longer, commercial weed eaters need thicker strings. Thicker string is able to handle more heavy cutting. Besides, twisted strings are also stronger than straight ones.

Proper maintenance is essential for a long-lasting weed eater. Proper cleaning and regular maintenance of the spark plug ensures proper engine performance. Check the spark plug’s grease level every 20-30 hours. Make sure to disassemble the bevel gear and clean the greasing area. Afterward, you can mount the component after greasing. Make sure to use high-quality grease. When the spark plug has excessive wear, it can lead to irreversible damage to the tool. It can even cause the tool to fail to start.