The Dangers of Using an Electric Chainsaw

A chainsaw is an essential tool for any woodworker, whether he uses it to chop down trees or cut through soft underbrush. Chopping and sawing with a chainsaw is easy, comfortable, and convenient, but the power tools used to do this also need to be safe. Unfortunately, this is one task where mistakes can be fatal.


With the proper precautions, a chainsaw can be a safe tool and should never be used in a careless manner. Electric chainsaws are usually the most dangerous. Here are some tips for buying an electric chainsaw that will keep you and your family safe when cutting wood:

First, consider safety. Don’t buy an electric chainsaw if it does not have safety guards and lockout features. You might as well just not use it, right?

The best safety chainsaw is the one that locks with a switch. With this safety feature, a hammer or other blunt object should never be placed near the chainsaw, or else it can be quickly activated if thrown. On the other hand, the forward button should be pressed so that the chainsaw turns on when a battery is connected. If batteries are not in the chainsaw, the chainsaw will turn on and off by itself.

Once you have locked it, make sure that the chain is broken at the end of the handle. Otherwise, it will be difficult to operate if the chain gets pulled or twisted. If you want to avoid this, get a straight, strong chain, but try to stick with one made of steel.

It’s not just safety that needs to be considered; however, a fire extinguisher is also a good idea. Do you remember the scene in the movie “The Towering Inferno” where the characters can’t even open the fireplace door because the fire extinguisher’key has been lost? That happens every day because people forget to carry their extinguishers. If you aren’t carrying it, it’s important to always carry a fire extinguisher, even when you aren’t having a fire.

In your garage or basement, keep the chainsaw in the same place that you keep your other tools and don’t let it near children’s bedrooms. Don’t leave the chainsaw running unattended in a room with children. On the other hand, if you live in a small house with only one bedroom, a normal electrical fire extinguisher can serve the purpose nicely. If you have a fire in the attic, a brush guard that fits over the spray nozzles is good enough.

If you’re buying a new chainsaw, you should also get a fire extinguisher. Make sure that the size of the extinguisher matches the dimensions of the chainsaw. If you have a reciprocating saw, get an extinguisher that is designed for non-reciprocating saws.

Extra caution should be taken when it comes to its batteries. When you buy an electric chainsaw, you should consider making sure that all the batteries are properly charged before you use it. Your batteries can explode if they are not properly charged.

The most important thing to remember is that only sharp blades should be used for cutting. Blades should never be sharpened with nail clippers, sawzalls, or any other household tools.

Remember that your chainsaw won’t always be dull. If you’re working on your chainsaw, the cause of the dullness might not be the saw itself, but its battery.

To keep your electric chainsaw safe and in good working condition, you should keep the correct tools with you, follow the tips above, and never forget to buy a battery charger and a pair of spare battery cables. There is nothing more annoying than finding out that your chainsaw battery is dead and needs to be replaced, only to find out that you don’t have the cables to run the chainsaw. !