The Pros and Cons of a Best 12 Electric Chainsaw

So, you’ve decided to purchase a Best 12 electric chainsaw. Now what do you do? Read this buyer’s guide for a thorough rundown of the pros and cons of these products.

best 12 electric chainsaw

One of the biggest disadvantages is that they have two positions for the blade. They will automatically cut in the direction of your hand.

This can cause some frustration when you go to start cutting or moving, because if you are using the wrong setting, you may not get the proper results. The best way to avoid this is to inspect your newly purchased chainsaw often.

If it’s used in wet or muddy conditions, it can pick up water that can be splashed on the edges of the blade and cause damage to the non-slip surface. Also, it’s always best to ensure that your chainsaw has never been used for anything other than cutting wood. The use of it on all types of material can put unnecessary stress on the cord.

Another downside is that it has a side guard that covers the electric wires that run from the batteries to the motor. If the guard becomes wet or dirty, the electricity can leak out. You may also need to replace the battery more often.

On the plus side, the best brands include some features not available in other brands. Features such as different chord shapes or length, adjustable cutting edges, multi-position safety switches, and torque controls help to protect the user. In addition, most have a non-slip surface on the edge of the blade to prevent cuts that can cause injury.

Some models offer non-slip surface protection when they aren’t in use. But, some chain saws feature non-slip surface protection, but the blades are not attached.

Another upside is that many of the more advanced motor-powered chainsaws have a motor that automatically cuts off the right side of the wood with the help of sensors that detect the difference between the left and right sides of the wood. The opposite side doesn’t get cut. It’s like having a sander that cuts the opposite side of the board.

Also, a motor can be very quiet. A motor, however, isn’t the best choice for beginners. The reason is that they tend to have difficulty controlling them, especially the one that gets attached to the chainsaw handle.

The disadvantage of the electric chainsaw is that it doesn’t cut as quickly as a saw with a blade. It can take about half an hour to finish a regular sized sheet of wood, compared to an hour or so with a chainsaw with a blade.

Disadvantages aside, it’s important to remember that these motors are much quieter than saws that have blades. Some people find that they prefer the electronic motor for different reasons.

On the other hand, the battery life is shorter. One downside of buying an electric chainsaw is that they can be less durable than saws with blades. So, if durability is important to you, you should consider a battery operated saw.