The Top Gas Log Splitter Reviews and buying guide

The splitter was not just designed to cut through logs, it was designed to be the best partner on the job site. Whatever the dimensions of the wood you need to get the best gas log splitter will do the job effectively.

Apart from examining the top alternatives to consider in the Gas Log Splitter Review, there are a few aspects to consider as well. These can make the decision-making process effortless so that you can make the best decision. Let’s look at them!


CHAMPION Power Equipment Gas LOG SPLITTERIts hydraulic log splitter can provide 25 tons of high-quality and reliable log splitting in gas-powered portable units. It measures 40.75 inches by 85.83 inches by 45.87 inches. It can accommodate a maximum log diameter as long as 24 inches. The main component of this unit is its 196 Ccs Champion single-cylinder engine that can fuel 0.93 gallons. To protect yourself the engine will shut down when it runs low in oil.

Its Champion log splitter features a 14-second no-load cycle and a built-in log cradle as well as a catcher, and a variable stroke return. It can take care of logs as much as 100 pounds, meaning you won’t have to worry about overburdening the machine. It is equipped with wheels to allow mobility and it has an inch ball coupler for attachment to the vehicle.

Specifications for the Product:

  • 4-stroke single-cylinder engine 196 cc Air-cooled to avoid overheating
  • Hydraulic power. It produces 25 tonnes of force
  • Cast-iron sleeves are almost impossible to break
  • The wedge is skewed and the log stripper. It makes it simple to take the chunk of log out from the wedge when it has split.
  • Cylinder automatically recoils to allow for easy operation
  • Two-pull start mechanism
  • 16-inch wheels DOT certified for maximum speeds of up to 45 miles an hour.
  • It measures 40.75 inches by 85.83 and 45.87 inches. It weighs 396 pounds


This Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter is a beast of a machine with an efficient engine to split logs as quickly as they can be stacked. If you are looking for a powerful machine, this gas-powered machine can be used to tackle tough tasks without slowing down during the process.

Its two-pull starter mechanism and 22,050 lbs of torque, and 14 second cycle times make it one of the most efficient gas log splitters available on the market today.


If you are looking for mobility and power, this is the unit is worth considering. The sleeve’s made of cast iron ensures it’s tough and durable and its auto-shutoff motor safeguards the unit if it’s low on oil. This is a fantastic deal and, when you purchase it, you’ll be secure knowing that you won’t need to purchase a new splitter for many years.


  • Operates both vertically and horizontally.
  • 14 seconds to complete a cycle
  • Towing hitch with two inches; can be towable up to 45 miles at a time
  • CARB air emissions certified
  • Log Catcher included
  • Easy to start mechanism
  • The hydraulic oil filter on the outside is easily changed in just a few seconds.
  • The engine shuts off when the oil levels are low.


  • It is not possible to run it inside; it runs on gas, which means the emissions could be dangerous in enclosed areas.
  • Debris could get caught within the wedge. Users must ensure that the wedge remains clean


The Champion Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter offers the power of 7 tonnes of a split. the gas-powered engine with 208 ccs is capable of cutting through even the toughest logs with no hitch. When compared with similar models, this model is a bargain. The manufacturer has created a budget model that utilizes two designs to boost the speed of the unit and its efficiency which means you’ll be left with a speedy and efficient unit that can compete with models that are double the cost.

The OVH engine that is used in this unit comes with an iron sleeve made of cast iron that has dual ball bearings, as well as an engineered crankshaft that is forged, which means you won’t have to fret about it breaking down in the course of the rigors of a task. It can handle huge logs that measure up to 25 inches long as well as 16″ in width. It can split two times as many logs per cycle, which means that you can finish your job twice as fast.

Product specifications:

  • A steel-coated edge to ensure durability
  • 7 second cycles time
  • 4 24 inch x 4 inches cylindrical
  • OVH engine
  • Max size 25 inches x 16 inches size of a log
  • The unit measures 61 x 39 inches; It weighs 360 pounds.
  • Two-inch ball coupler


The Powerhorse is a fantastic piece of equipment that can easily cut through fresh or seasoned wood. It is powered by gas to cut through knots and it’s designed to last and you don’t need to be concerned about it being damaged during a project. It makes use of dual split technology to break wood twice more quickly than other units due to this, we think that this one is better than our expectations by an inch.


The Powerhorse is the ideal choice for those who require a log splitter that does not require frequent transport. It weighs in at 360 pounds, however, this is due to the premium materials used by the manufacturer in the construction of it. We are very impressed by the dual splitting technique, and we highly recommend this product to those who require a top-quality stationary unit.


  • Affordable
  • Dual split design
  • Tested for high-performance
  • Durable design


  • 360 pounds can’t be manually moved


Its NorthStar Vertical and Horizontal Gas Log Splitter offer an impressive 37 ton of power for splitting thanks to its gas-powered engine. This lets you exert about 3,500 pounds of force for each square inch. This means you don’t have to worry about clogging up your machine. It can split logs measuring 25 inches long or 16 inches across and the machine’s Honda G270 engine will automatically stop idle when not in use, meaning you’ll save on gas.

If your unit happens to be stuck, it comes with an exclusive log stripper that can eliminate debris automatically out of the wedge. It comes with a hydraulic pump that can adjust the pressure according to the strength of the wood, which means you will always cut your wood rather than break it.

Specifications for the Product:

  • 90 inches x 45 inches x 45 inches unit
  • 5 x 24 inches log Cylinder
  • Ball coupler with a diameter of 2 inches for towing.
  • Automatic return of cylinders
  • 34.3 tonnes of constant force
  • 14-second split-cycle
  • Honda GX270 engine
  • 1.4-gallon fuel tank
  • The engine shuts off when oil levels are low to ensure safety reasons.


The NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Splitter makes use of top-quality components and features that enable log splitting to be a breeze. Its features will help you save time and also increase your productivity You can count on this machine to provide toughness and durability on every occasion you use it. You can tell that the unit is constructed of high-quality materials when you look at its I-beams of industrial-strength, bonded by steel beams.


It’s impossible to go wrong with this model. It’s ideal for those who require a high-quality industrial-strength product with a wedge design that prevents jamming. It’s heavy however should you not plan on moving it around a lot We strongly suggest you look into this model.


  • Affordable
  • One-year warranty
  • Dual split design
  • Approved and tested for fieldwork
  • A reliable one-year warranty
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Durable design
  • It can be used horizontally as well as vertically


  • 560 pounds, difficult to move


The WEN gives users 22 tons of power for splitting at a low cost and you can use the 7-inch splitting wedge that can easily split tough and large logs with no hitch. The best part about this model is the fact that it has a huge trailer, so you won’t need to be concerned about it falling over or breaking when you move it. It has two split positions, which means you can have a lot of freedom when it comes to splitting wood.

The WEN is a fantastic bargain for those who are looking for a bargain However, don’t let the cheap price fool you. it’s a reliable and robust device that makes use of an innovative design that makes log splitting quick and simple.

Specifications for the Product:

  • Two-position beams to split logs with different sizes
  • Large tires and a low profile make it more stable when transporting
  • Tandem hitch that can tow a trailer, as well as the splitter
  • Weighs 218 pounds


This is a great option for those who require an easy-to-use splitter but doesn’t sacrifice the quality or strength that comes with a bigger unit. Its unique towing mechanism as well as its dual height splitting capabilities makes it stand out. It’s well built and it’s ready to use. You can start using it the moment you receive it.


If you want to make the most of your money then this is among the top gas log splitters available. It’s durable, strong, and easy to transport and it comes fully assembled with everything you’ll need to begin. Overall, it’s the best value for money.


  • Included in the package are all fluids It helps you save time and money.
  • Two-position design for flexibility
  • Affordable
  • 22 tons of power splitting


  • It can be difficult cutting wood that isn’t seasoned and has knots


YARDMAX is a well-known brand in the field of log splitting and this gas-powered machine lives up to the name earned by YARDMAX is gaining. The machine is equipped with a strong Honda engine, which means it can easily split tough woods like oak, hickory, and birch, without having to be concerned about jamming and malfunctioning machines.

The wedge of cast iron of this unit is quick to power through logs. It’s got a fast cycle duration of 19 seconds and it’s simple to put together and you’ll be splitting logs in within minutes after purchasing the machine.

Specifications of the Product:

  • The RAM force weighs 28 tonnes. RAM force
  • Two-stage hydraulic pump
  • Three-gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • It can be used either vertically or horizontally.
  • Jack stand and the hitch
  • Two-year warranty


This splitter is great for those who require trust and reliability. It can be used to split any kind of wood it’s hydraulic motor is powerful enough to go through the process without becoming stuck during the process. The whole process of the machine is slower than other machines however if you’re not cutting on a large scale, then this isn’t a problem. The platform is the perfect height, and people are thrilled with the fact that they can cut wood with ease without worrying about back injuries or pain.


The unit is designed to last, the hydraulics within it are sealed. We’ve been told of people who leave it outside to rain over long durations without causing damage. We wouldn’t advise doing this, however, it is a good way to prove our point: the unit can take many cases of abuse before breaking.


  • 28 tonnes of force
  • Vertical or horizontal operation
  • 16x 4.8-inch tires to ensure stability
  • A replacement cast-iron splitting wedge


  • Gas should be empty manually after storage for long periods. the gas line must be disconnected and then drained.


The SpeeCo Horizontal/Vertical splitter utilizes a 10-horsepower Briggs Stratton commercial-grade engine that can push through the toughest logs using 28,500 pounds of power. It’s also built to last and has a patented transport Guard system that will ensure that your engine runs a long and smooth lifespan. It utilizes a hydraulic pump to drive its wedge. Its large cylinder can cut logs up to at least 26 inches across.

If you are required to cut large logs using this unit, it is possible to turn them over and then utilize the unit horizontally. For smaller logs put them on the beam horizontally and then split them easily.

Specifications for the Product:

  • Measures 78 x 49 x 42 inches; weighs 590 pounds
  • Two-stage hydraulic pump with 10 horsepower commercial engine
  • Auto return for simple loading
  • Operates both horizontally and vertically.
  • Eight-inch splitting wedge
  • Side beam support
  • 12-inch wheels to make it easy towing
  • Cylinder’s diameter is 4.5 inches


SpeeCo Gas Splitter SpeeCo Gas Splitter makes quick the most challenging tasks. It’s a sturdy device that is easily transported using a trailer. It can be operated both horizontally and vertically and offers lots of freedom in using it. It exerts a force of 28 tonnes, therefore, you won’t need concern about having a tree which is too difficult to manage.


We strongly recommend this robust small and lightweight splitter. If you’re committed to your work and want to get it done, this device will aid you in completing your task efficiently and quickly. The SpeeCo is designed to last so that you don’t have to worry about poor workmanship preventing you from working.


  • A compact trailer that can be towable
  • Horizontal or vertical position
  • 10 horsepower engine
  • 8-inch steel wedge
  • 11.5 minutes per cycle


  • If you purchase this item the hydraulic fluid isn’t included and you’ll need to fill it up yourself.


The RuggedMade Gas Splitter will give the user 28 tonnes of energy and an easy electric start. It has a sturdy steel frame and log cradles. allow you to bend down to grab wood after it has been split an obsolete task.

The Briggs Stratton engine utilizes two pumps to split large logs. It has a convenient hitch to allow you to pull the unit across every type of terrain.

Product specifications:

  • Measures 90 x 41 x 39 inches; weighs 559 pounds
  • 11.5 horsepower engine that maximizes power to ensure efficient performance
  • 28 tons of horizontal and vertical splitting power
  • Two-stage pump to improve cycles
  • Five-gallon hydraulic tank. can check the levels of liquid at the flick of a finger
  • Steel wedge to ensure a durable and effective cutting
  • Vertical lock to ensure safety


The RuggedMade can speedily tackle your big projects. Its amazing power can cut through the tough and knotty wood without any issues. It weighs around 600 pounds, which means you can be sure that it’s durable and long-lasting. It is equipped with a huge and strong engine that can split wood for hours without getting too hot or clogging. If you are looking for a power splitter that can handle large tasks and large jobs, this is among the best gas log splitters on the market.


It’s a great model. It is slower than other models however its performance makes more up for that. It is never worried about malfunctioning components or clogged pipes. It’s easy to start with the pressing of a button and you don’t need to strain yourself using an extension cable or choke to get it going.


  • Electric starter
  • The horizontal and vertical split locations
  • Removable log cradles
  • It is easy to transport
  • The wedge is made of steel and can be used to split the material.


  • It’s heavy, and you’ll likely require two persons to connect it with your vehicle.


The Swisher 28-ton splitter is powered by the Briggs Stratton engine that can power through the toughest of logs with no losing performance. It is equipped with a robust two-stage pump that exerts the correct amount of force needed for the kind of wood you decide to split and the machine can be used in both vertical and horizontal ways.

The makers included a clutch for cold weather to this unit, which ensures that it can start with ease even in temperatures below zero. It features beam locks to ensure security when it is in the vertical orientation and its log cradles keep logs from falling to the ground in the process of splitting.

Specifications for the Product:

  • 34 tons of power splitter
  • 11.5 horsepower engine
  • A cycle of 22 seconds takes 22 minutes.
  • Jack stand and trailer hitch included
  • Three-year guarantee
  • The wheels are 15 inches. the unit can be towed on major roads.


The unit is equipped with an engine that is powerful enough to divide small and large logs. There is no need to worry about how tough the wood is when you utilize this machine. Its 34 tons of power for splitting can easily go through nearly everything without any issues. The unit comes with a 3-year warranty, which means you can be sure that the manufacturer is genuinely confident in the product they sell.


We highly would recommend the splitter. It can be pulled along major roads, which means it’s very mobile. If you need power, this model offers 34 tons of it. we believe it’s the most efficient gas log splitter available for those who require reliability and power in a unit that can be moved easily.


  • 5-gallon hydraulic tank. it is easy to monitor fluid levels
  • Cold clutches make the process of starting the unit an easy task.
  • Two-stage pump regulates the pressure
  • Can be easily towed
  • Beam the log cradle with a lock and log to ensure security


  • The assembly is required. It takes about 45 minutes to construct the device.


This Sportsman Earth Series Gas Log Splitter provides users with a fantastic value for money and comes with 19-ton power of splitting and its nine-horsepower engine can handle logs up to 24 inches long with a diameter of 12 inches. It has a two-stage gear pump that gives this machine more strength and effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that can be towable, then the Sportsman’s 16 x 16.5-inch DOT-approved tires should leave you content. The unit includes fenders as well as an inch ball hitch that makes long-distance hauling easy. It offers the option of horizontal and vertical splitting options and has a steel wedge that can be used to cut through tough wood.

Product specifications:

  • The power plant can power 19 tonnes.
  • Nine horsepower engine
  • Vertical and horizontal places
  • 8-inch steel wedge
  • A 21-second cycle cycle cycle
  • 666 pounds


This machine is an absolute powerhouse in terms of splitting wood. There have been some who had issues with the directions, but after they have gotten past this small hiccup there are only positive reviews to share about this wood splitter. It provides all the power you require and its dual-stage pump will ensure that you don’t be unable to perform your task efficiently. This is an excellent product at a reasonable price and you’ll never outdo 19 tons of power for splitting.


The engine that powers this unit can split all kinds of wood with no hesitation. If you require reliability and power, this model is perfect for you. We are awestruck by the capabilities of the vertical and horizontal of this unit. If you require more power and flexibility, look into using the Sportsmans Earth brand.


  • Wheels that are DOT approved
  • Two-stage gear pump to power
  • Horizontal and vertical splitting options
  • The wedge made of eight inches of steel can be used to handle massive logs


  • The product is made in China and the instruction may be difficult to follow.

Factors to Take into Account When buying the Log Splitter

Gas splitter type:

It is important to consider the kind of gas splitter you want before you purchase one. Two types are popular on the market:

1. Hydraulic: Like the name suggests it’s a form that uses gas to split logs that make use of hydraulic to produce high pressure to cut through the woods. The log can be placed into the wedge or the wedge is pulled through the log. While a hydraulic splitter can result in slower cycle times, however, it’ll have plenty of power that can be delivered. It can cut through wet and hardwoods quickly.

The main drawback of this model is that it is likely to have many moving parts. It can also make maintenance to be a hassle.

2. Kinetic: This type of gas splitter can cut through logs with the energy of kinetic. It uses pinion gears and flywheels to move. It will provide rapid cycle times, however, and power consumption as you’ll find it to be average. However, the kinetic model is ideal for softer logs.

Speedy cycle time:

The cycle time is what it takes for the machine to break up an entire log. This feature can vary based on the size and efficiency that the machine can perform. If you own a bigger model it takes about 20 seconds to break down large logs, while smaller units can take just 3 seconds to split smaller branches.

If you’re looking for the Best Gas Log Splitter, ensure that the device has a speedy cycle time. This will allow you to complete the task within a shorter period. It will improve your efficiency and productivity. As a suggestion that you purchase one that has around 15 seconds of cycling time as it will offer you an easy time.

The amount of power:

If you’re looking for gas log splitters you may notice the model’s name with an amount in tons. It’s not an indication of weight for the unit. It refers to the energy generated by the machine through the hydraulic mechanism.

Therefore, you’ll need to determine the power amount you’ll require for your projects before purchasing gas log splitters.

There are two ways to determine this: log size and density.

  • If you are looking for a 6-in log the 4-ton model is the ideal choice.
  • For a 12-inch log, 10 to 16 tons units are a good choice.
  • For a 24in log 30 tons or greater is a good choice.

Another aspect that can aid you in settling on the number of tons is the kind of wood you’ll be cutting. The softer and more dry woods require less power whereas hardwoods with a damper or damper environment require more power because they contain some moisture.

Splitter Position:

In the case of logs that are small or lightweight, the horizontal splitter can do fantastic tasks as it can move the logs up and put them within the guide effortlessly. In terms of vertical splitters are relevant, it is recommended to choose the right model if you’re dealing with larger and more heavy logs. Numerous models allow you to change the direction of the splitter easily. This will allow you to manage big and small projects efficiently.

Capacity for fuel

Choose a gas splitter that will be able to store sufficient fuel to complete your work effortlessly. It will also help keep the supply of fuel constant but will also help keep the machine functioning effectively. Additionally, having a bigger fuel capacity will also prevent interruptions and the need to fuel the machine once more. But, as you’ll be evaluating the power of the fuel, you should make sure to purchase an engineered splitter with parts that can be removed for cleaning.

Who Should Purchase a gas Powered Log Splitter?

While the advantages might have provided you with a reason the reason why you should have gas splitters. However, who needs a device is something you should also know. In general, gas splitters are great for people who:

Wants to stay clear of getting their hands dirty as motorized log splitter an excellent choice if you are not keen on working with your hands by cutting logs. Because the machine does the work for you, you’ll have fewer hands to wash during the process.

Is a great choice for those who want convenience without electricity: If you don’t like the limitations that a majority of log splitters such as electric ones come with, then gas log splitters are perfect ideal for you. Because it doesn’t require an electrical outlet, which isn’t the case to do the job easily in remote locations and enjoy its portability and ease of use.

Is a heavy-duty project: Gas-powered log splitter offers a lot of efficiency and power to provide. The range of available sizes is from 8-ton to 34-ton. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hydraulic or the kinetic kind of machine is effective. There may be some limitations, but the result is sure to be satisfying.

Needs to break through more tough logs: The gas splitting device is perfect for those looking to cut through larger and stronger logs, especially the ones that were heated using wood fuel.

Would like to slice through larger logs you intend to slice through a tree that is more than 20 inches and has a diameter of 12 inches in diameter, then you need the gas splitter. Since gas log splitters can complete the job effortlessly, the other kinds are unable to do the job.