This type of saw is used for tasks such as trimming trees for heavy duty projects. It will cut through all wood for either straight cut or cross cut. Some are hard to control on the bar, but these can handle most wood. Chainsaw For Sale – What Type Is Best For You?

There are many different types of chainsaws for sale today. For any beginner, there is a chainsaw to fit every need. From a double ended to a single end chain saw, from the large to the small saws, there is something for everyone.


The choice of blade is a big decision that should be carefully considered. Your choice will determine how you use your chainsaw and the amount of use that it will receive.

The left hand saw has a blade and a steel hook at the end. The saw is designed for light work. It is also called a “plunger” saw.

The right hand saw is not for use with a medium to heavy duty project. The chainsaw blades on the right hand saw are rounded at the base. They do not spin on the bar that makes up the “shank” of the saw.

The handle on the right hand saw is shorter and does not rotate. It is used for cutting sawdust.

The left hand saw has a fixed blade. It is not hollow like the right hand saw. The blades do not spin on the bars that make up the shank of the saw.

The cut off portion of the saw can be adjusted for size. This allows the owner to get close to the top of a tree without cutting the tree down completely.

The top of the left hand saw does not spin like the right hand saw. This makes it safer to use. Many people prefer the circular motion of the right hand saw for ease of use.

Some people want a lighter and smaller chainsaw. If you want to use the chainsaw for short periods of time, then this type of chainsaw is the best for you.

With this type of saw, it may take two people to cut down a small tree. It may only take one person to cut a tree that is about 50 feet tall. It will also cut a tree in half with one person.

The right hand saw is heavier than the left hand saw. It is used for a lot of hard wood such as cedar or pine. This chainsaw will cut straight through even the densest of woods.