Top-7 Best Chainsaw Chain For Hardwood

When you are engaged with hardwood cutting, you will come across the need to get your hands on the best chainsaw chain that is available in the market. In such a situation, you will figure out that there are multiple options available out there in the market. And, it is not possible for anyone to try all of the options in order to conclude with the best one. That’s why I decided to provide you the list of 7 of the best chainsaw chain for hardwood. And, they are as follows:

1.    Oregon D72 Chainsaw Chain

If you are searching for a chainsaw chain that offers low vibration and a low kickback, Oregon D72 Chainsaw Chain is a good option to buy. Therefore, you will find it an easy task to use this chain for hardwood cutting. When you are working with a heavy chainsaw throughout the day, you will get exhausted. However, Oregon D72 Chainsaw Chain will make sure that you don’t end up with such an experience. Instead, it will help you to feel better. The chrome-plated chain also has the ability to retain its sharpness for a longer time. However, numerous customers say that it has stretching issues, which you need to be mindful of while deciding to buy it.

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2.    Oregon R34 Chainsaw Chain

Oregon is one of the most reputed brands in the manufacturing of chainsaw chains. Oregon R34 Chainsaw Chain is another great product from them. It can deliver some impressive features such as low kickback and longer brethren to you. People who haven’t used a kickback chain in the past should try Oregon R34 Chainsaw Chain. You will be impressed to see the convenience delivered by it. It can deliver a low vibration to the hands as well. This chainsaw chain is chrome plated as well, which means you will be able to keep it sharp longer. Oregon R34 Chainsaw Chain has hardened rivets as well. Therefore, you can reduce the overall tension exerted by the chain while you are using it. At the time of purchasing Oregon R34 Chainsaw Chain, you should be mindful of the burring issues that some of the customers have mentioned in their reviews.

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3.    Oregon S52 Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S52 Chainsaw Chain is designed specifically to assist you with reducing kickback. Therefore, you can eliminate a lot of struggles that you have to face when cutting hardwood. On the other hand, the design of this chainsaw chain can help you to reduce vibrations effectively. This can help you to go ahead with cutting hardwood for extended time durations. Due to the availability of chrome plating, you can keep the chainsaw away from getting dull for a longer duration of time. The most impressive feature that you can find in Oregon S52 Chainsaw Chain is that it has a series of ridges and grooves, which can provide oil to the chain. Therefore, you can keep the chainsaw lubricated at all times.

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4.    Sungator Chainsaw Chain

Sungator Chainsaw Chain is another popular option among people who look for the best chainsaw chain for hardwood. This is an 18-inch chainsaw chain. It has received a lot of attention as a discount chainsaw available. Due to the same reason, people who are looking for a chainsaw chain at an affordable price tag tend to buy it. The chrome-plated design available in this chainsaw chain will keep you away from the pain of sharpening it on a regular basis. Sharpness will be retained throughout for your convenience. In addition to that, you will enjoy the low kickback offered by this chainsaw chain as well.

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5.    8TEN Chainsaw Chain

8TEN Chainsaw Chain is an 18-inch chainsaw chain as well. It is another good option available for the people who want to purchase chainsaw chains at an affordable price tag. However, you will be impressed by the quality offered. The most unique feature about 8TEN Chainsaw Chain is that it has a semi-chisel design. Therefore, you can experience a reduction in kickback. Due to the same reason, 8TEN Chainsaw Chain is quite easy and safe to handle as well. However, you must understand that 8TEN Chainsaw Chain is kind of soft. As a result, it tends to get dull quickly.

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6.    Stihl Chainsaw Chain 2 pack

Stihl is another highly reputed brand among people who are looking for the best chainsaw chain for hardwood. If you are making plans to go ahead with this brand, you can simply take a look at Stihl Chainsaw Chain 2 pack. When you go through customer reviews of Stihl Chainsaw Chain 2 pack, you will figure out that they are excellent products available in the market. They can cut perfectly well. You will never find any issues even when you are cutting the hardest trees. In order to deliver such a performance, the Stihl Chainsaw Chains are pre-stretched before coming out of the factory. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about making any temperature-related adjustments while you are working with them on the field. However, Stihl Chainsaw Chain 2 pack is quite expensive if you compare it with other options.

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7.    Husqvarna H4684 Chainsaw Chain

If you are searching for 24-inch chainsaw chains, Husqvarna H4684 Chainsaw Chain is the right option to buy. It deserves a place in the best chainsaw chain for hardwood as well. The design of this chain minimizes vibrations that you will go through. In other words, you can effectively cut down stress that your body will go through. On the other hand, you can use this chainsaw chain on hardwood without any difficulties. Similar to the previous model, this is an expensive product as well. However, you will be able to get a worthy performance from Husqvarna H4684 Chainsaw Chain for the amount you spend.

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Final Words

You can carefully analyze the pros and cons of the chainsaw chains. Then you can figure out what’s the best chainsaw chain for hardwood, which you should purchase according to your requirements and budget. Then you can simply stick to it and get your job done.