Top Rated Electric Pole Saws


Do you know with a pole saw you can carry out various tasks on your farm, which include pruning shears, trimming, lawnmowers, among others?  It’s the best tool which you can have on your farm. However, many people have less information regarding this tool; hence, there is a need to assess the key features to look while purchasing.

In addition to that, we shall highlight the most rated saws which you can purchase. A pole saw is a lighter saw on a stick, which would enable you to cut branches and other higher trees without necessary using a ladder. With such a saw in your garden, you will be able to save time, which is used in climbing the tree.


  •  Brand Reputation

 As new users, you should ensure you look at the brand of the saw before you buying. Many companies are producing these saws, but some recognized brands would ensure you get the best.

  •  Durability

 It’s one of the essential considerations which you are supposed to look at while buying the saw. Most of the saw has some reputable durability, which gives the saw long-lasting life. Most of the rechargeable saw is durable, but you should settle on the most durable saw.

  • Power Source

While buying the saw, you should have the power in mind to ensure you get the best saw, which would ensure excellent performance. Various poles need suitable battery voltage to guarantee excellent performance.

  •  Warranty And Shipment

 Most of the manufacturers offer a warranty for their products, and you should consider such manufacturers while buying the saw. However, some brands do not offer warranty to their customers hence making it difficult for the customer to return the machine if it develops any problem. On the other hand, you should also consider the shipment policy of the company if you are buying the saw online.

  •  Cutting Efficiency

You should take into consideration the cutting efficiency of the machine before you buy it. If you need to cut branches from large trees, then you should buy saw with a long pole. On the other hand, if the trees to be trimmed are small, then you should buy saw with a relatively small pole.



It’ comes with an 8 Amp electric motor and 10-inch bar and chain, which makes the saw to be very powerful to handle various activities. It has been rated positively by many users in the market hence making to get regarded as the best saw overall. It’s used as chainsaw as well. With only $86.62, you can be able to secure such a saw. 

 Key features.

  • It’s designed to suit anti-rotation and stability.
  •  It can reach up to 15 feet long overhead.
  •  It is simple to use and also adjust.
  •  It has a non-slip comfort grip.

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If money is the most significant consideration while looking for the saw, then this brand from Sun Joe could be the best for you. It cuts long branches with different angles due to its key features. It has a tensioning system that ensures there is a simple adjustment. Its key features include the following:

  • Its pole length is 7.5 feet, which makes it possible to cut high branches.
  •  Its electric motor is 6.5- Amp, which is relatively pleasant to cut large branches.
  • Its chain is 8 inches, which ensures there is swift performance.
  •  It comes with automatic oil lubrication.
  • It offers 6000 rpm with no load speed.

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 It could also be used as a light corded chainsaw if you remove the stick. Due to the nature of the conversion, it makes it possible for the saw get regarded by many users in the market.  It is sold for only $ 78.88 and comes with the following key features which include the following:

  •  It has an automatic chain tensioner
  •  Its pole length is 10 feet height
  •  Its electric motor is eight powerful Amp 
  •  Its chain is 10 inches, which makes it possible to operates.
  • It’s capable of cutting up 15 feet overhead.
  •  It comes with lock clamps and flip.
  •  It has low kickback, which ensures users’ safety.

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It’s powered by a 6.5 Amp motor, which ensures the machine operates effectively and efficiently.  In addition to that, it also comes with a 10 inch Oregon bar and chain, which makes the saw have the capability to cut long branches. The saw pole can stretch up to 9.5 feet.  What makes the saw to be used by many people is because of the comfort which comes with the saw.

 Other key features:

  • It has automatic oil lubrication.
  •  It has a durable design, which makes the saw to have an extended life.
  •  It comes with a safety blade guard, which ensures maximum safety.


 It has a 6.5 Amp electric motor, which ensures the saw ignite faster. In addition to that, it also comes with an 8- inch Oregon bar and chain, which ensure the performance of the saw. Besides that, the saw also comes with automatic oil lubrication, which ensures the oil system is effective.  Other key features of the saw include:

  •  It’s easily adjustable, thus making it simple to use.
  •  It comes with 3- piece aluminum shaft, which can stretch to eight feet.
  •  It has free- tensioning systems that ensure the machine operates effectively.
  •  It has a comfortable handle design, which makes it possible for users to operate.


While buying saw you should make considerations to avoid buying saw which does not meet your needs. Have a close analysis of all the saws, and you will pick the best pole saw, which would help in carrying out various tasks. In addition to that, you should also ensure there is good maintenance. It’s through such tips that would make the saw be used for the longest time possible.