Ways To Sharpen Pole Saw Chain

Pole saw it is crucial to us, and we should ensure they don’t get dull. Imagine how it could be if you got your saw dull and blunt when you want to use it, you would be forced to make good use of the Step ladder which is tiresome and less effective, especially in a large project. To ensure the saw stay for a more extended period, it’s good to take good care and ensure they get sharpened regularly. When you are using the right tools, it would be easy to sharpen the tools to make the work easier for you when using the saw.


  • Pair of Gloves

These are the most critical safety tools which you need to have when you want to sharpen your pol saw. It would ensure that your hands are safe while sharpening the chain. However, most people tend to ignore the gloves, which are very important while honing. Two types of gloves could be used, which include functional saw protection gloves and chain saw protective gloves.

  • Chain Saw File Guide

After ensuring the gloves are ready, then you should now take your file ready to start the sharpening process. Different types of files could be used to sharpen, and the choice would get determined by the chain which needs to get sharpened. Always makes good use of the file guides when it comes to sharpening.

  • Safety Glasses

Safety glass is something that should not get ignored when it comes to honing. They help in preventing the spark from getting into the eyes. Most people have fallen victim to spark into their eyes while sharpening their tools. Different types of safety glasses could get used while honing, and this would get determined by the duration which you will take while sharpening.


You can sharpen the chain saw in the following way:

Using A File

It is the simplest way to hone your chain because you will do it clearly and concisely hence ensure that all the teeth get sharpened. In addition to that, the file is cheaper, which makes it more convenient for many users. The following are the steps which could be followed:

  • Step One: Sharpen Your Chain from The Back

Always start the honing process from the back and ensure that you follow the order of the edges more systematically without omitting.

  • Step Two: Put The File On the Teeth at 45 Degrees

While honing the teeth, ensure that the file is put in 45 degrees to ensure that the teeth get enhanced better. By 45 degrees, it would help push the teeth and ensure they get polished up.

  • Step Three: Hold The Saw Firmly

After ensuring the file is placed at 45- degrees, it would signal the start of the process you will need to ensure that you hold the saw firmly to avoid making some injuries in your hand or missing some teeth in the process.

  • Step Four: Move to The Front Side

Once you are done with backside teeth, it would then proceed and hone the front side teeth using a similar angle of 45 degrees. Ensure that you hold the saw firmly to avoid any cases of injuries.

  • Step Five: Sharpen The Top Edges

The edges are significant; hence, there is a need to ensure that you sharpen them after you get done with teeth in the saw. You can put the saw vertically to allow you to stand and grind effectively.

  • Step six: Brush your teeth and file

After you are done with honing all the teeth, it would be appropriate to brush all the teeth and file to remove all the spark. Ensure you have put on the glass protection to avoid the sparks getting into the eyes.


  • Regularly Change the Chain Oil

Chain oil plays a vital role; hence, there is a need to ensure that you change the oil frequently. Anytime when you want to use the saw, you should provide the oil is full and replace it after three months.

  • Ensure Your Screws Are Tight

The nature of the work which is undertaken, screw, and chain are likely to loosen up, which would cause problems. Always ensure to tight your screws before using the saw. However, while using the saw, you may decide to lose it up when the chain does not cut effectively.

  • Confirm The Teeth Are Sharp Before Use

You should ensure that the teeth are sharp before you use the saw to safeguard the chain. When the saw is dull and blunt, it would need a lot of pressure and force, which would make the person operating get tired.

  • Always Clean Saw After Use

Cleaning the saw would help to reduce the dust, especially after use. If you leave them uncleaned for a while, they are likely to get rust, which would cause a corrosive layer in the blade. You can use a dry cloth to dry the oil and water, which would be left while cleaning the saw.

  • Store The Saw in Safe Places

Always store your tools in safe places to ensure they don’t get lost or damaged. In families where there are kids, it is good to lock the room and put the key in a place where they can’t access. You can identify a room in your house where you store all your tools and should not be accessible to everyone without permission.


Pole saw helps us in cutting firewood and also branches; hence, we should keep them safe and sharp always to avoid the tools getting damaged. It is suitable for one to identify the purpose of the saw before purchasing to ensure they are used in the best way. While sharpening your tools, it is good to promote personal safety by using gloves and glasses.