Which is Better: Electric or Gas Chainsaw?

Which is better electric or gas chainsaw

Which is better electric or gas chainsaw


Are you on the hunt for a chainsaw? Do you want to upgrade your worn model? Because of the influx of new technology and updated models, you might be asking yourself whether you should invest in an electric or gas-powered model.

There is still an ongoing electric chainsaw vs. gas chainsaw debate. While both items have their pros and cons, it all comes down to the user’s preferences. However, if you want more information about those items, here is what you have to know about electric and gas chainsaws.

Gas Chainsaw

The initial batches of chainsaws operated on gas fuel. Thus they are considered as the traditional kind. They work faster compared to the electric models and let users penetrate thicker tree trunks without delay.

This type of chainsaw is also portable since they do not entail the use of a power cable, unlike electric models. You can take them anywhere you want. The standard agreement regarding gas models is the fact that they do a faster job, do not require electricity, so you can use them in case of blackouts, and are more powerful and can tackle heavy-duty projects.

This kind also presents a wide selection in terms of models and engine sizes, so you are guaranteed that you will find something that will fit the task you plan to deal with.

However, the gas kind can be a high-maintenance device compared to electric models. You will be obligated to give more time and money in terms of maintenance. It operates on oil, so if you use a gas chainsaw regularly, the job can be quite pricy over time. The engines of this kind are also noisy, which makes them a bother to use in the suburbs.

Electric Chainsaw

The electric kind is considered as the more advanced chainsaw in the market. It fits smaller jobs at home or in the garden. They are lightweight compared to gas models and also simpler to work with, which makes them ideal for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Electric chainsaws require minimal maintenance—all you have to do is guarantee that the chain is sharp at all times. Electric chainsaws are also quieter compared to gas models, which makes the item recommended for use in suburban areas. Also, they do not generate harmful fumes or pollution, so they are nature-friendly.

However, since it runs on electricity, using the item will entail a power cord. Hence it hampers the device’s portability factor. You cannot use this item in locations that do not have an outlet, unlike gas models. Electric models are also less powerful compared to their gas-powered counterparts, which makes them inappropriate for more substantial projects.

What you choose between the two will be based on the projects you want to tackle and preferences. When choosing the right chainsaw, think about your location and the landscaping at home.

An electric chainsaw is ideal for city locations that do not have plenty of trees. If you live in the country, however, where there are plenty of trees, big and small, it is recommended that you invest in a gas model instead.

Investing in an electric chainsaw means you have to remember where you are acquiring electrical power. You will be required only to take the item no more than a hundred feet away from the electrical source, so if you live in a more significant land, an electric model will not suit your needs.

In terms of jobs, heavy-duty ones that cut down bigger tree branches or trees require the use of a robust model. This is a job for the gas model.

If you have a smaller build, you can opt for an electric chainsaw since it is lighter and easier to deal with.

Whether you opt for an electric or gas model, you should always make sure to use safety equipment every time you work with your chainsaw. It would help if you kept its chain sharp at all times as well to ensure safety with every use.

How to choose between gas and electric chainsaws

Both the chainsaws, whether you talk about the electric chainsaw or the gas chainsaw, have their pros and cons. Both of them are beneficial, but they might have a few disadvantages that the people may not like.

Let’s first talk about the gas chainsaw. The gas chainsaws are renowned for providing the most dominant performance. If you intend to take down a massive tree, then the best option is the gas chainsaw. Some pros of the gas chainsaw are as follow:

  • Robust: If you are looking for a chainsaw to use for commercial purposes, then the gas chainsaw is a perfect option since it is heavy duty and sturdy.
  • More fabulous run time: The gas-powered chainsaws are amazing because they have a more significant run time, you will only need to refuel it.
  • Higher cutting speed: It also has a greater cutting speed so you can get your job done within less time.
  • Available in various bar lengths: The gas-powered chainsaws are also available in different bar lengths so you can get the desired length.
  • cons of gas chainsaw are as follow:
  • Loud noise: The gas-powered chainsaws are very loud; they may disturb the people sleeping and may even cause disturbance to the neighbors.
  • More substantial in size: The gas chainsaw is massive; it may be challenging to work with.
  • Higher cost: If you talk about the initial cost or the fuel, then the value of the gas chainsaw may be higher.
  • Coming to the electric chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are handy, and they are easier to work with. The benefits of electric chainsaws are as follow:
  • Easy to start
  • electric chainsaws come with a push-button, with which you can quickly begin to it, and you don’t need to work with mixing oil and gas.
  • Great for the yardwork
  • you are someone who likes to do the necessary yard work on your own; then you can undoubtedly rely on the electric chainsaw as it is easier to handle and work it.
  • Less noise
  • the benefit of the electric chainsaw is that it has less noise. The sound will certainly not bother the people around the place where you are working.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • compared to the gas chainsaw, the electric chainsaws are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around. You will not have any trouble working with them even for long periods.
  • Minimum maintenance is required
  • of the gas chainsaws require a lot of support. However, electric chainsaws don’t need as much maintenance. So, if you are someone who likes to buy things that don’t require much maintenance, then you should opt for these.
  • coming to the cons of the electric chainsaws:
  • Not great for big jobs: The electric chainsaws are less powerful, which is why they are not great for big jobs. If you have a large tree that needs to be taken down, then you cannot rely on an electric chainsaw for it.
  • Less run time: As compared to the gas-powered chainsaw, the electric chainsaw has a lesser run time. The cordless saw may operate only for one hour. So, this may not be suitable for some people.
  • More giant trees and branches cannot be dealt with this: Sometimes, there are large trees and branches, but the electric chainsaw is not able to cut them.

All the people who intend to buy chainsaws may have different purposes for buying it. Some people want a chainsaw to do some essential maintenance in the yard; some may want it to cut small branches. Some people are looking for chainsaws for cutting the more giant trees and for commercial usage. So, to choose between the electric and gas chainsaw depends upon your need. If you want to use the chainsaw for business purposes or to cut large trees at home, then you need to opt for a gas chainsaw. If you’re going to do essential chainsaw work, then an electric chainsaw is excellent for you. You can look at the pros and cons of each and then you will be ready to decide which one of the two is perfect for you.

Chainsaw safety gear

Working with a chainsaw is a risky task; if not handled with care, you can end up hurting yourself. To ensure your safety, you must get your hands on the chainsaw safety gear.

The safety gear that is designed to keep the users protected from the potential danger or injury from the chainsaw consist of layers and layers of protective fabric. This is because the running chainsaw is exceptionally sharp; it can easily cut through the ordinary material. However, saying that the clothes or gear that is designed for the safety of the users will prevent them from getting a cut or an injury is wrong because the running chainsaw is exceptionally sharp. The clothes and the safety gear, does have the potential to provide some safety to the users. The helmet works excellent, the goggles work great too, but the gloves and trousers may not be strong enough to prevent a cut completely.

The chainsaw safety gear is designed while making sure that enough flexibility and freedom to move is provided to the individuals. Also, they make sure that the users aren’t hot in the clothes. If the clothes limit the mobility of the user or if they make the user warm, then this is a danger on its own because the user will not be comfortable and may end up causing a cut or an injury.

The following are the components of the chainsaw safety gear.

  • Helmet
  • injuries are the most dangerous, and while working with a chainsaw, there is a chance of kickback. A kickback is when the chainsaw jumps back while it is running, it has the potential to cause head injury to the user of the chainsaw. There are different kinds of helmets; plastic helmets weaken over time due to the heat of the sun. So, it would help if you replaced your helmet every 3-5 years. Whenever you are going to work with a chainsaw, never forget the helmet.
  • Goggles
  • are super sensitive, and their protection while working with a chainsaw is critical because the tiny pieces of wood can penetrate your eyes, causing them permanent damage. So, to prevent yourself from such loss, make sure that you wear goggles.
  • Ear defenders
  • of the chainsaws can be super noisy; they may be noisy enough to harm your ears. So, the ear defenders are essential to keep you protected from the loud noise that will be generated when working with the chainsaw. The gas chainsaws are known to be super noisy so that the ear defenders will defend your ears against this noise.
  • Boots
  • feet are also at risk of getting hurt if the shoes are not worn. This is because the wood is substantial, and one wrong step can cause an injury. The chainsaw boots are specifically designed for people who handle chainsaw. The shoes have a steel toe that keeps your toes protected, and the whole show has layers and layers of protective leather or any other fabric. This way, your feet get heavy-duty protection, and you will be able to work peacefully without any worry.
  • Gloves
  • gloves that are specifically designed for people who use chainsaws have padding at the back of the gloves. These gloves are cut-proof so that the chainsaw is unable to cut through them. Hand injuries caused by chainsaw are created back on the left hand due to the kickback from the chainsaw. So, the gloves are essential for keeping your hands protected.
  • Trousers
  • trousers are also designed with layers of fabric and padding to protect against the potential damage that can be caused by the electric or gas chainsaw.
  • A most significant benefit of the chainsaw safety gear is that it provides the users with peace of mind. The users feel confident to work with the chainsaw when they have the safety gear on. Without the safety gear, the users may lose focus and may always worry about getting injured. If you are also someone who intends to work with the chainsaw, then make sure that you have all the components of the chainsaw safety gear.