Which Way Does a Chain go on a Chainsaw?


Have you ever struggled before inputting the chain or replacing it? Well, replacing is the most challenging task which the saw users would confess they ever experienced. The most terrible thing which would happen to you is when you put it on in the wrong direction, and you start a project only for the saw to block in the middle of the project. The hawser operates in a particular direction, and anytime when it would be put on the opposite side, it causes a lot of problems.

Every time you want to use the saw, you should ensure that all part of the saw has been appropriately fixed to avoid delay while in the middle of the project. Let try and prevent the same mistake while using any of the saw. I have heard from a couple of people how they got frustrated while fixing such an essential task and made think of the various ways in which the chain should go on a chainsaw. In addition to that, some other users tend to think it’s the blade that is blunt and dull, but they forget to look at the direction.


  • Waste The Bar Oil

When you fix the hawser on the wrong side, it will cause a lot of waste to the bar oil, which would cause more harm to the saw. In most cases, the bar oil is preserved to be used until the completion of the projects, but as soon as the direction is done upside, it would lead to a lot of wastage.

  • It Causes Damage To Chain Link

Chain link means a lot to the saw, and when it gets damaged, it would mean the saw would not operate thoroughly. It is always set in the bottom place to ensure that it offers maximum support to the blade and hence allows easy propelling. Ensure the drive link has been fixed in the right place and adequately and reduce unnecessary damages.

  • It May Cause Doubt In Your Skills

It is the most annoying thing which could happen to you when it comes to using the saw. These are the necessary skills which saw users are supposed to demonstrate to prove their capabilities. For instance, attending clients’ projects and you keep on struggling in mounting direction, it would show a lot of incompetence, which would even cost your job.

  • Causes Unnecessary Stress On The Guide Bar

The guide bar is everything when it comes to cutting the wood, and when there is improper alignment in terms of the direction, it will cause a lot of problems. What usually happens is that you will be using some excessive force to cut, and this will not be possible; thus, you will end up damaging the guide bar.

  • Burnout Clutch

Once you start the saw and you keep on pressing the clutch, and it does not cut, it would cause it to burn, which would mean the saw will not work. Always ensure that everything is fixed in the right direction before you begin any project. In most cases, the clutch is the only part of the saw, which is destroyed because it facilitates the functioning of the saw.


  • Forward Direction

The hawser would guide the correct direction of the chain. In this case, the blade should always face the pointy edge of the saw blade teeth hence make the hawser rotate forward. You should always ensure that the blade is turning the forward direction because that is the only the teeth would cut.

  • Backward Direction

The chain could also move in the backward direction if it’s placed in the wrong direction. However, it is perilous for users to use the backward direction because it would cause more harm than good. It barely cut, and it would cause burnout of the clutch.


  • Drive Link Points Forward

The drive link would be used as a guide to ensure the hawser put correctly. The drive link refers to the v-shaped fits on the chainsaw bar. You should always ensure the drive link is pointing forward to ensure your saw would work effectively when cutting a piece of wood. It would help if you looked at the v-shaped tool, which would get fixed in the blade.

  • The Cutter Faces Forward

Always your cutter should be pointing forward for the saw to operate more effectively. It is the part that is used to cut the wood; hence, you should be keen on this to ensure all the teeth are pointing in the forward direction. The cutter gets modified in a way where one can know whether it has been appropriately fixed by looking at the front side, which is taller compared to the back edge. When it is placed like this, it will help to cut the wood without any problem.

  • The Guide

The guide usually situated in front of the cutter, which would help the cutter while cutting any piece of wood. Most of the saw users have doubted whether the guide is part of the cutter. The truth about the manual is that it’s used to help control them wood, is cut by the cutter at any given time. Always ensure that the guide is placed in the front of the cutter to facilitate the forward direction.

CONCLUSION The chain is everything when it comes to cutting the wood; hence, the saw users should ensure its fixed in the right direction. It’s the most straightforward essential step which we should always consider when we want to use the chainsaw. Users tend to ignore this, and they end breaking some part of the saw in the middle of the project. There is a manual guide that comes with the saw when you purchase and should acts as a guideline when it comes to fixing such issues.